Corporate supplies

Minute Book Kits
Corporate Seals

Minute Book Kits include all the necessary inserts needed for your day-to-day corporate records, as well as a Corporate embossing seal, and brass Minute Book nameplate for the side of your Kit.

These supplies are essential for the organization and convenience of your business records. It will help your business to establish and maintain your corporate by-laws, share certificates, resolutions and more. Marando can help to set up your corporate minute book for your accountants and potential government audits. Set up a meeting or call to discuss your corporate supplies needs.

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Business Name

Business name search is similar to a corporate name search. The difference is that with a business name search you are determining the sole proprietor or partners of an unincorporated company.

It is a good business practice that you know who is able to legally bind the company, and, to determine if the company is active. Protect your interests and build a strong foundation by performing your due diligence. Set up a meeting or call to discuss your business name search requirements today.

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Personal Property Security Act is a search that shows you if any liens have been registered against the property of a business. Such as equipment, inventory, vehicles and more.

If you are purchasing the assets of a business you want to ensure that there is a clear title with no liens registered against any business assets.

Set up a meeting or call to discuss your Personal Property Security Act requirements today.

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Add Interprovincial Services

If people set up a provincial corporation in any Canadian province or territory, and they want to do business in any other province or territory, they will have to fill out the extra-provincial registration forms for the province and/or territory where they want to do business.

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Bank Act

This search determines whether a Notice of Intention to give security has been filed with the Bank of Canada in Ontario under the Canada Bank Act, Sec. 427.

It indicates whether any banks have taken a security interest in the inventory and/or equipment of a corporation or an individual.

Make sure that the inventory and/or equipment is clear to purchase.

Set up a meeting or call to discuss your Bank Act search today.

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Amalgamation is a process by which two or more corporations governed by the Canada Business Corporations Act, the "amalgamating corporations," merge and carry on as one corporation, the "amalgamated corporation". A long-form amalgamation requires each amalgamating corporation to sign an amalgamation agreement and submit it for approval at a meeting of shareholders.

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Disillusion of Corporation

For some small business owners, the time comes when they must end operations and dissolve their business. It’s a stressful time and a multi-step process.

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Registering for WSIB

Most Ontario businesses that have employees (including family members and sub-contractors) must register with the WSIB within 10 calendar days of hiring their first employee. Registering with the WSIB provides workplace insurance coverage for your business and employees and gives you access to experts in health and safety for your business sector.

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