Start-up Bootcamp

The start of any business requires a lot of knowledge that not every entrepreneur has had the opportunity to develop. At Marando we want to give every new business the best shot at success, so we have developed a start-up bootcamp that will address everything from incorporation, accounting, digital marketing and fundraising.
  • In the Bootcamp you will learn about the following.
  • 1. Benefits of Incorporation
  • 2. Benefits of working with a CPA accounting firm
  • 3. Succeeding in the world of digital marketing
  • 4. How to raise money for your start-up


A solid understanding of who your customers are and how to segment your audience for more effective marketing.

How to develop a marketing funnel based on your conversion flow.

How to attract website visitors through content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and paid advertising.

How to convert website visitors through website optimization, landing page creation, and lead nurturing.

How to measure your marketing and use analytics to improve your efforts.

Get your business started on the right foot!